Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obligatory 35mm BW post

I'm going to go ahead and say... scanning 35mm on a 4490 blows. It fucking blows. For medium format, it is a brilliant little machine, but it can't hold 35mm flat for shit, and it simply can't draw all the detail out of the film. Just some quick gear advice. 

Last week, Ilja insisted that I take his Nikon F off his hands for a while, and so I shot a quick test roll while out for a day. I haven't shot a roll of 35 so fast (about an hour) in, well, maybe ever. It's a pretty liberating experience. Also, since the F doesn't have a built-in light meter, I just threw out some educated guesses for most of the exposures. The sunny 16 rule, with a little personal tweakage really does work pretty well, and open shade on a sunny day is 3 stops dimmer than direct sunlight, so everything else falls in between as long as you're shooting during the day.

Between using a camera that was first manufactured in 1959, using cheap $2.19 / roll film, guessing at exposures, and using a really depleted developer and fixer on top of that, I'd say this stuff came out decently for what was really just a test for light leaks and shutter / aperture problems. 

V for Victory

Spot's got a couch. Brilliant

This frame was at the end of the roll, and I loaded up the film super quick so the center of this was partially touching another frame. Just another of the random things that can happen with film. It's not at all hard to develop a roll perfectly by yourself though. (that goes for c-41 and e6 too. Really.)

The people working next to this ledge spot decided to call the cops instead 
of walking 30 feet and talking to us. I love human reasoning. 

Beanplant? Boneless? Fastplant? Whoever can explain the difference to me gets a Simpler Times sixer


Bullshit tones in sunlight = depleted developer to blame. I'll have to splurge on the good stuff soon instead of keepin on with old man d76

Not a land. This ledge had a tiny bank up to it that made it super fun

This post's music section is a very special one. A very special treat, yes indeed. This is the covers edition.  So, for your enjoyment, here are three covers that don't suck, along with the originals. 
Ok, so Mistadobalina isn't exactly a cover, but is draws some clear and present inspiration from the Monkees' song. Row, row, row your boat. 

Recently, Dennis Kucinich displayed the rare and mythical trait that has, over the years, come to be known as common sense. Rumor has it that there is an endless fountain spewing this rare substance from the earth somewhere in the southern hemisphere. Many men have lost their lives in search of it. 

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