Saturday, April 2, 2011

Medical attention is a good thing to seek when cysts begin to appear all over your feeble body: the sequence post

I have so many people to thank right now. A few folks have been spreading the word about this blog, so I'd like to send a shout out to Ian Coughlan who runs So Trill, your one-stop shop for all things current and/or east coasty in skateboarding. Ian is a a great friend I met at Emerson College. He has recently got a little bit of coverage for this throwaway part that I an will convince you isn't any good if you ever talk to him. Ian also had a Fresh find page in a recent Focus that, incidentally, was also my first published photo.
Also, a shout out to Will Burstein for his post in the blog section of RAW New England. Raw is, well, about a raw as it gets. They are a truly skater run enterprise from the east coast, and I have always respected them, primarily for their complete and utter lack of advertising, and of course, dedication to skateboarding. Will also runs a blog at Wheels of the Future. Be sure to check it for detailed essays on wide-ranging subjects relating to mathematics, science, politics, and all tying back to skateboarding. Will is nothing short of a genius. Finally, one last thank you goes to Buddy Bleckley, a fellow east coast photog who is currently interning at Focus skate mag, and recently started the Sequence Saturdays feature for the website, which many of the following sequences are featured in. Buddy is a rad, unassuming, and genuinely nice dude which is becoming quite a rarity these days

WIthout further ado...
(does anybody know where that came from? Simpler Times sixer to whoever lets me know)

Click images to see the sequences.

Mike Piwowar Noseslide bigspin

Ryan Chlumecky heelflip nose manual nollie 3 shove out

Ilja Maran Nose manual bigspin out. Notice the possessed Telescope.

Gavin McMahon Nolan Bs tailslide Bbigflip

Jason Ross 360 flip lipslide to fakie. This brings fond memories of skating indoors because you have to, a concept seemingly entirely absent from the state of california. Jason Ross is a genuine east coast shredder who will have a part in the upcoming Cheap Thrills video comin straight atcha straight from the good town of Woburn, Mass.

Before we get too far off track, you may have noticed all those industrial-looking things in Ilja's sequence. More likely, though, you did not, so I would like to bring your attention to them for a minute. 
You drive by this shipyard when driving to San Pedro from Long Beach. Let me tell you, it is one of the most rancid smells I have ever smelled or expect to smell in the future. Keep in mind next time you're having that burger, driving your car or updating a blog from a macbook that all these things we like to use come from somewhere and that there is a massive industry behind every convenient aspect of modern life. Don't take anything for granted, and try to think about the effect, however small, your purchases have in perpetuating modern industries. Every time you pay for something, you are effectively voting to see more of that in the world since profit is the only thing that corporations, and most larger businesses in general, understand. 

I did a photo project largely focused on industry about a year ago, and if you so desire, you can check it out here. I promise, it's worth a few minutes of your time. 

The Kinks are always an excellent listen. In particular, I'd recommend the brilliant 1971 "Muswell Hillbilies" at the moment, but as you see, you have your pick of the litter.

Ok, I promise next time I will have an actual story, but for now, check out the politics section of FARK for all the goddamn idiotic things people do in this and other countries, and with witty headlines to boot!

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