Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blowing the Blog Biz: Vegetative Edition

I apologize for the lack of updates through the past week. It has been one of the busiest, gnarliest, longest weeks on record thus far. College classes are over with forever, and the solo adventure across America will commence shortly. I'll be documenting it mostly with 35mm slides on the Nikon F that Ilja Maran, proprietor of the venerable Dead Pixel Productions recently gave me. I'm looking forward to putting it to good use. Over the past week, Auby Taylor has gotten 2 NBDs in LA, which, as you know, is teeming with ABDs. Be on the lookout for that guy... He's got a part dropping with Index skateshop in the coming month or two, and let me tell you, its a doozy (doozie?). Admittedly, the photos in this update are nothing too exciting, but there are plenty of goodies under wraps which will be released in due time. For now, To whomever figures out the double meaning of this post's subtitle, a Simpler Times Sixer goes!

Auby got a 4 page spread in this month's issue of Trasher, not to be confused with the skate mag of a similar name

Trasher Cover

White trash at its finest

Surprisingly, yes we did walk away with footage form that excursion

After winding up the day at Cherry park, I snapped this random flick of the light in LBC. Can somebody please explain to me what the fuck those evil green spirits are doing? I say we gather a mob and lynch 'em!

Mike likes the recently unicolorized skittles ledges so much that he had to bust out signature stretches. Ilja saw the opportunity, and proceeded to threaten his offspring. 

One of the best parts of skate photography is the fact that there is so much incentive to climb trees, buildings, and anything else you can find for your angle. Damn, I love what I do. 

I've realized that my attempt at double meaning in the title is stupid. It was supposed to be that there is vegetation in all the photos, which is a rarity in the concrete jungle that is LA, and that I have been in a vegetative state in terms of updating this here internet space which is being squandered on the jockish timewaster that is skateboarding. Therefore, if you have red thus far, I am voiding the previous offer of Simpler Times, and will instead give it away to the first person who can tell me who skated to the following brilliant bit of elite musicianship, and also tell me where the devil went. If you get it, you get it. If you don't, you don't. But, if you get it, you also get drunk, so I think that getting it is slightly preferable to not getting it. 

By the by, a round of applause if due for Kentucky. Of all fucking places in the country to do this... Kentucky is Doing it Right

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