Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The economy is dragging us down, man

First and foremost: go buy the Real video. Booze n' Tit's part alone is worth the money. Remember, as Hurling mentioned, that he exists in real life. He is not merely a graphical representation of somebody's idea of the ideal street lines. OG rippers JT Aultz, Peter Ramondetta and Justing Brock, amongst others, all have killer parts, as do relative newcomers Davis Torgerson and Ishod Wair. Go buy the video at your local shop before they run out.

Now, I do apologize for the lack of material over the past week, but after Boston south shore shredder, and loyal Orchard Skateshop employee Andrew Haskell won the first Chemical Kiln Simpler Times giveaway by correctly explaining the differences among bonelesses / boneless ones, fastplants, and beanplants, my financial advisory board suggested that should I continue to post with the same frequency, the venture may soon run out of capital, and be forced to shut down. For this reason, I have suspended activity during the past week, and now that the budget here at the Chemical Kiln is finally under control, we resume. If anybody is wondering how this clearly and undeniable for-profit foray is doing, here are the preliminary ratings as of last night.

I'm relieved that our ratings are represented by a human number, as opposed to a satanic one. 

This past weekend was very successful, and should, in the future, allow me to give away much more Simpler Times, but for now, the best of the best shall remain a secret. Here are some fun things from the weekend...

Ilja Maran filming

BS tailslide - Don't even know who this was, but probably Mike Piwowar (click for large)

Sunday's crew at the first spot of the day

Nate Principato had the idea for a quick snap of this ollie (bad light often necessitates fake BW)

Immediately after, Auby Taylor wanted one too, so I took the time to light it a bit

Nate has the best hardflips I have ever seen in person

Roy Foner Tailslide

Chris Joslin Ollie (No land, but click for large) Chris just turned 15. The way he skates, you would swear he had bones made of steel and concrete. Speaking of bones, he gets Bones and Powell flow. Keep an eye on this one. 

It's a busy day in a busy week, so I'll keep the closing section short and sweet. 

Husker Du is a great band, and this track off of "New Day Rising" is a classic. 

Remember how The Egyptian people ousted Mubarak, and reclaimed their freedom and all that good stuff? Well, the Egyptian military leaders that formed the interim government until proper elections take place are certainly doing a swell job. Oh wait, no they are completely blowing it. 

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