Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things to be scared of

What shall go on this list... Let's keep it short and go with mediocrity. As I was falling asleep last night, the phrase "terrified of mediocrity" crept into my thoughts. The statement presents itself not as a plea for recognition, but rather as a motivation to keep on keeping on; to keep pushing for the things you believe in, and the things you know you are capable of.

Never Settle.

Now for the skate photos.

Jason Ross - Feeble pop over. After landing a couple of these, and being unsatisfied with the mediocre length of grind, Jason tried to go for a better one and got a glorious shinner by means of a skatestopper further on the rail. Nothing but a wrinkle in the day... the shredding continues. 

Jason Ross - Kickflip at a cutty ass, slightly skateable mediocre SF Spot that would likely be passed on by many others. It is a well known fact that the less skateable a spot is, the better of a photo it makes. 

Lee Goldberg - Ollie over a San Jose Bump to Hydrant. 

Tony Potenti - Rocket Air Fly out. Yes. This is a land. 

Kevin Leslie - Smith Grind. I shot this guy a couple months ago, and it was just featured in this month's photofile at the skateboard mag website. Check it while its hot!

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