Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Brave New World

My apologies, devoted readers of the Kiln. The past month has been full of adventure and change. I am back on the western coast of these here great United States. Instead of LA, home base is now the East Bay. Infinite thanks are due to Moses, Tony, and the rest of the Cold Gravy-ers / ex-Caliskatz crew for welcoming me into their crew. No thanks to that east coast jerk Jason Ross though. He's a jerk. No, I'm kidding... he rips.

The past two weeks spent in the east bay have been incredible. Between skating and shooting every day, meeting great new people, and a particular excursion 12 hours north which made for what were possibly the best two days of my life, Its been a damn good return to California.

Now that I am a bit more settled in here, do expect some more writing on this blog in the near future, but for now, I'll dump some photos form the past 2 weeks.

Aforementioned Jerk

Aforementioned Jerk can Bluntslide pretty well

This spot shouldn't have been skated. Jason landed in a bush, somehow rolled away... straight into a small river running curbside which had already caused his board to become waterlogged. 

Jason - Signature FS Crook 180 out

Jason - Wallie crail grab

Meanwhile, back on the east coast, Matt Lane nosebonks this scholarly bench. 

Matt Lane - Gap BS 5-0 as featured in the mini interview for Cheap Thrills. Ooo Ahh. 

Tony and Moses chillin in SF

Moses... kids got hair. 

Moses imagining, and then creating a proper bondo job. 

Moses BS Rock and roll

Moses, JR Filming - First trick in a line that has yet to be done, but shall certainly be winner. 

Tony, Moses, and Big Pauly. Pauly filmed the recent Golden State of Mind video

Jerry Hs... I mean, Tony Potenti with a BS Board

Tony - BS Bigspin

Jason Ross - Varial Heelflip, as feature in the latest edition of COLD GRAVY


Cold Gravy 8, Filmed by Dan Miranda

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