Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Dump

Ok, here's how it's going to go: I'm going to not write anything interesting whatsoever, and post many many photographs that either already have or probably never will be printed. And you will look at them.  Goodbye!

Jason got all scabbed up skating the street in This classic part at 3:28

No respect

Jason Ross 180 SW FS Crook

Jason Ross 180 at another classic spot

There was more to this than meets the eye

Jason Ross FS Crook 180

Jason Ross Kickflip

Jason Ross Tailslide back on the east coast

Jeff Brewer Nollie bigspin

Joe Sudduth BS 5050

Joe Sudduth fs flip

Matt Lane 5-0 back east

Matt lane gap lipslide back east

Matt Lane Kickflip in Yonkers, NY: Printed in the latest Steeze issue

Matt Lane Nosegrind

This needs no caption

Matt Lane Varial heelflip in Boston: printed in latest Steeze

Moses Salazar 180 up

Moses Salazar BS Blunt back east

Moses Salazar FS FLip Wall St Gap: Printed in the latest Steeze with a little write-up I did. Pick up the issue on the east coast to heck it out!

Moses Salazar Polejam Tucknee

Nick Govatsos trashride back east

Nick Govatsos Hardflip 9

Nick Govatsos 5-0 back east. This was over a year ago, but I forgot about it. Fun fact... this one got made into a 5x5 foot print for a certain shop, and then got dicks drawn all over it. 

Oh, another jason photo snuck in... Nollie Heel in Providence

Oh, another Matt photo snuck in. Also an oldie from an NYC trip a couple years ago... Nose manual drop at Grant's tomb

Cheap thrills video ender. Quigz with a hill bomb in Woburn

Tony Potenti hardflip

Back from the days when I shot only film and made my life harder than it has to be. Waffle with a nollie BS 5-0 on a classic skate camera setup... fm2 w/ a 16mm ais 

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