Monday, August 1, 2011

All filler; No killer

That is, after all the purpose for this blog. Due to the photographic constipation I have just worked through, I don't have much if any energy to write anything of interest here. Without further ado, here's a bunch of random shots from the past month or so. 

Film Shit:
Dave, Matt and Fred... Fuckin Fred. 

I wouldn't trust this guy

She didn't trust us guys

JRO and Geoff doubles

Kevin and Matt hospital doubles

Quigz: Champion of east coast spots

Digi Shit
Allan McNeil, skating what is clearly not a spot

Geoff Laskey: Madman status, no land unfortunately

JRO: Switch FS Shove left over from the winter

Kevin Leslie, kickflip

Matt likes Black Box

Mike Tenney Kickflip

Moses Salazar... have you ever heard a more perfect name for someone who skates rails? I know I haven't. Look out for more stuff from Moses and Tony. 

Moses, FS Boardslide

Tate Kokubo 180 no comply. Tate is 10. 

Tony Potenti, BS Feeble. This was a helluva long grind... More stuff coming from this guy soon form the secret stash. 

Tony Potenti, hardflip

Sorry to anybody who had been hoping for updates recently... I've been spending much more time shooting than at home / on the internets. 

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