Thursday, June 23, 2011

The repudiation of nihilism and other things to do with skateboarding

It continues to amaze me that each time I run into imperfections as a result of analogue photographic processes, each can somehow be fully rationalized and rendered oddly perfect and beautiful. Something inside me is deeply content with each and every imperfection and I somehow believe that it was just meant to be that way. I am by no means a fatalist. If I were, it wouldn't make sense to care about much of anything. I would probably resort to full-blown nihilism and hate everyone. Clearly though, this is not the case. I love most all people and give a damn about all sorts of things. So, having thrown out fatalism, and by extent accepting free will, why am I not fucking pissed off that a series of frames later in this post were completely "ruined" in my rushed developing? Maybe you have an inkling.

Quick, to the Batmobile! Err, I mean photos. Skate photos first.

Ariel Perl - Late Night Wallride

Jason Ross - Polejam, featured as a Focus Skate Mag "Wallpaper"

That's all for now. Other must be kept under wraps... shh. 

Somewhere around 6:30am - Just after the first swim of the season, and in the middle of a wonderful 36 hours of awake life. 

Somewhere around 7am

somewhere around 10:30 am, showing Malden park some love with two of my favorite people to skate with and shoot

During a recent skate trip to Providence, RI... 

With two carloads of skate rats, a proportionate amount of disregard for the rules of the road and knowledge of directions to a local spot that is reciprocal to said disregard *. We decided to turn down what we believed to be a small road to input an address into my gps which allegedly would then lead to the discovery of skateable locations. To my dismay, upon turning onto this road, we were greeted with about 5-6 police motorcycles heading towards us in formation. Having a natural tendency to avoid the law, we turned into a private driveway to let the piggies pass by. The carload of skate rats following us did the same. Befuddled by what we had just witnessed, we proceeded to input data into the GPS in a slight daze. Pulling out of the driveway a few minutes later, we found that we were all of a sudden in the middle of a small local marathon. After fruitless attempts of driving in unison with the runners, we decided that out only option was to wait the entire damn thing out.

* We here at the Kiln are concerned about your ability to decipher near nonsensical, vaguely mathematical grammar containing unnecessarily loose syntaxes. This is one of many opportunities we allow you to practice this vital skill. 

This weekend holds the first big skate trip of hopefully many this summer. The gang, or at least part, shall embark for New York to meet up with the one and only Familgiani, Mister Figler himself, to skate the cities bricks, cellar doors, cobblestones, metal plating and assorted rubble while disregarding anything that shows signs of actually being a legitimate spot. What follow are 3 photos from a skate weekend in NYC last summer. Oh fond memories. 

Matt Lane - Fs Noseblunt 

Ryan Quigley - Bs Boardslide

Ryan Quigley - Bs Tailslide

While we're on the topic of NY, Quartersnacks recently release a list of suggestions upon hearing that Slap will be doing a New York edition of their tried and true attempt at a skateboarding reality show which most recently allowed for massive amounts of internettery. The suggestions may seem overboard and even blatantly sarcastic at times, yet hold the key to understanding NY skateboarding; if ever there were such a thing. 

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