Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adventures in the Windy City

After staying three days in the great state of Iowa with Kyle Bunker, skate photographer extraordinaire, I rode off toward Chicago, heeding Kyle's recommendation to seek refuge at a fine establishment, not to be confused with lesser organizations that go by suspiciously similar names. 

Before I go any further, though, let it be known that Kyle Bunker is a helluva host, and a helluva good dude in basically every way. I can't say enough good things about that fucker, so I shall shut up before I kiss too much ass. Photos from the Iowa adventures to come later once I get a chance to develop the rolls. 

Beerblunt; nose variation

fake axle stall + nose stall + beerses

Following a night that revolved moreso around beers than skateboards, and specifically the lack of landing tricks anywhere near the bolts, the Chemical Kiln authorities decided to take it easy until a night session the following night with one Blake Matthews, chief mastermind behind Ideal Humans. It was a proper night of street skating highlighted by riding in front of traffic, pizza, talking to friendly bums, and the backbreaking toil of skating with a backpack full of gear and joints left frail by years of constant abuse. I've got a bone to pick to the pace of human evolution and why we don't yet have ankles of steel. More film proofs of the escapades to come, but for now, enjoy these digi flicks. 

 Timmy Johnson, crook bonk 

Timmy Johnson, BS 5050

Timmy killed it last night, and on a cruiser board nonetheless. 

Toward the end of my stay with Kyle, we engaged in a music swap, and I came across a few albums I had been looking for for quite a while. Not the least of these was Grey Matter's Food for Thought. The album holds such classic's as the little ditty in Ali Boulala's Sorry part hidden away somewhere within this post, and many more good jams

This editions news is strictly skateboarding, and affects absolutely nothing in real world. But in our little world... get hyped! There's a petition to reopen Max Fish,

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